Thursday, January 15, 2015

Swatching, Again!

It sounded so simple,
I got inspired to try it,again.

I wove a swatch on a small
piece of cardboard.

I put a pot on the stove,
turned on the burner and
put my swatch in.

OOPS!  I forgot to boil the
water, first.

OK, water boiling.  Lots of foaming.
This looks promising!

Hmm.  It sure didn't shrink much!

Another type of yarn to try.
This one is labeled 100% wool.

Off my improvised loom.

Boiling away.

What?  No shrinkage?

Not that I can see.

One more, today.

Just off the loom.

Boil!  Boil!  Boil!

Oh, my goodness!  Doesn't this work, at all?

Well, how about rubbing it
in my hands?

Look at that!

Oh, my!  This is actually the third one.

Much better!  :)


  1. Persistence pays off!:) christina

    1. I read a method that suggested boiling the wool for five minutes or more. I must have boiled the first swatch for twenty minutes! It didn't "felt" until I rubbed it, too. I have had better results with an automatic washer, Christine. :)

  2. Replies
    1. :) I thought so. Sorry I goofed on your name. Christina.